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Teacher Hero Keyring

Teacher Hero Keyring


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Is your teacher AWESOME?! Maybe they're your hero? I'm the Teacher Hero Keyring and I'd love to help you express your appreciation for them. Day in and day out they've been helping you grow and now, by gifting me to them, they'll see daily how cherished their efforts are. Let's make their day together!



Thickness: 1.5mm

Width: 33mm

Height: 30mm


Luxury Display Wallet
belle fever luxury wallet

Did you know that a gift isn't really a gift unless you wrap it? Wrapping matters. You've invested your time to choose the perfect piece of jewellery for your friend, family or loved one so we have included a luxurious royal purple display wallet to gift your special jewellery.

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Everyone loves a little box. No matter if they're a man, woman or child. Young or wise. Every single person loves a little box—especially when it contains luxury jewellery. So here's where I come in. You pick your favourite piece of jewellery to gift and add me to your cart. Your gift and my luxury packaging makes the surprise so much sweeter!

Customer Reviews

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Happy buyer

Great customer service, great product!

Custom Teacher Keyring

I ordered a Teacher Hero keyring with custom script & I am so impressed with the final product! Customer service, production and shipping time & the actual keyring it’s self exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much Belle Fever!


Had this key ring made with a custom message and it was beautiful! The quality was amazing and customer service was excellent! Packaging was elegant and beautiful. Overall amazing experience with this company!

She absolutely adores it

I went through Belle Fever and got the writing in the card engraved into a key ring and gave it to my nan the day before their wedding anniversary the year later. I will never forget the tears in her eyes when she seen it and realised what it said.

It was well priced, they rushed it through for me so I had it in time as I couldn’t find the card until she brought it out for her birthday.

She absolutely adores it and takes it with her everywhere now. I think it was the best gift I have ever given and I can not recommend belle fever enough for this x

My daughters teacher was so

My daughters teacher was so happy and overcome with emotion when she received it... She had taught my daughter for 2 years and never been thanked with such a customized and personalized piece she has it on her car keys so that she is able to hold it daily. Thank you Belle Fever for making memories like these for us!