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Cant Be Replaced Necklace - Double Feet 12mm

Cant Be Replaced Necklace - Double Feet 12mm


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You know, your kids are always going to be your little babies. No matter how big they get, they're always going to be the ones that have the deepest footprints in your heart. That's why I'm the best necklace. I'll help you remember their once tiny little footsies. You can inscribe their names and birthdates on each of my feet. And as your family grows, you can add them to the necklace. I'm here to remind you that a mother's love Can't Be Replaced. So choose me for yourself, or choose me for your mumma. Remind her how much you cherish her.



Thickness: 1.5mm

Width: 33mm

Height: 33mm

Feet Charm: 12mm