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Introducing Enca ๐Ÿƒ

Are you experiencing Maskne (pronounced mask-knee)?

At work, my sister wears a mask all day and notices breakouts on her cheeks and around her jaw; she noticed the breakouts are occurring in the area where her mask was placed. I just discovered it is called 'Maskne', and many of our customers are also reporting the same.

Maskne is medically termed acne mechanica, a skin condition brought about by prolonged use of masks.

We recently launched a new skincare set called Enca that offers many benefits to users. Customer reviews show that the set has helped clear acne, eczema, and other skin issues.

"Hi! I thought I would let you know I have tried everything and I mean everything to stop myย eczemaย the itch is insane and I just lost hope with it to the point I have to wear exercise leggings to stop me scratching at night. Well I decided to try your acne/pimple face wash and cream (I know itโ€™s not intended for this purpose at all but I just lost hope) and this is day 1 at 1pm and I still havenโ€™t wanted to scratch I have and I think itโ€™s going down! I just wanted to let you know itโ€™s absolutely magic"

Acne Clearing Set

Two steps make the process easy and require less than five minutes. Who ever said that glowing, healthy skin can only be achieved by spending hours and hundreds on skincare has never tried Enca :) Safe for anyย ageย and skin type.

Acne Clearing Set

For those who want to try a skincare set that is packed with natural ingredients, helps clear acne, keeps skin healthy and youthful looking, you can get this set for an introductory price of $39 (includes both the cleanser and the moisturiser normally $69).ย 

Acne Clearing Set

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