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Ahh, the mystical creature of our world. Did you know unicorns symbolise the power of nurture and divine presence? Since you found this magical room you obviously know someone who loves unicorns. Maybe it's you. We have gold, silver and rose gold unicorn necklaces and each have a stunning coloured jewel that adds to each gorgeous style. To make it even more meaningful, you can personalise it with a name. Let's do this together, tell me which one you like?

Hi! I'm the Unicorn Head Birthstone Necklace. I'm the perfect reminder that magic is everywhere. Personalise me with a loved one's name and birthstone to...
Sparkling Unicorn Earrings-Silver- BELLE FEVER Personalised Jewellery
$24.00 $39.00
$24.00 $39.00
Excuse me, I heard you were hunting for a unicorn, or two? Well, here I (or should I say, 'we' are). I'm the Sparkling Unicorn...
Looking for a stylish, elegant Unicorn Necklace? That's me. Let me razzle and dazzle your life. I promise you'll love me so much you'll never...