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Puzzle Necklaces

Have you got a BFF? You know, a 'Best Friend Forever'? This room is the perfect place to find a puzzle piece or matching necklace to symbolise your special bond. Whether that connection is with your sister, mother, friend or another family member you can find a necklace that'll speak to their heart. Click around. Talk to the puzzle pieces. No, we're not crazy. They've each got a story to tell you. So get chatting and see who's the best fit!

Hello, I'm so glad our paths crossed. I heard you were searching for a unique jewellery set that you could share with your loved one....
Puzzles are so much fun! Especially when they're your own design. I'm the Triple Heart Puzzle Necklace. I'm three personalised necklaces that when put together...
Have you got four people that you absolutely adore? Want a piece of jewellery that represents your special bond? That's me, the Quad Heart Puzzle...