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Moments Bracelets Charms

Oh, I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm in charge of these luxurious 'Moments Charm Bracelets'. They're so sweet and fun. They're perfect for gifting to someone because you can inscribe them with a heartfelt message and the charms your choose imbue it with sentiment and meaning. So come on, tell me what you need and let's create it together.

Looking for a Sparkling Cross Charm for your Moments Bracelet? One that represents faith, love and hope? That's me. Shimmering is what I do best,...
Want to keep your charms in place on your bracelet? I'm the Stopper For New Moments Bracelet, and I do the job. People love me...
I'm the Hand on My Heart Charm. I'm here to symbolise the love you have for your chlldren. They grow so fast, don't they. One...