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Dog Tag Jewellery

Our 'dog tag' style necklaces are the perfect canvas to inscribe some fun, sweet or inspiring messages. From "You're my one and only" to "You light up the world" or even, "You stole my heart"; there's so many ways to say what you feel. This room has a variety of styles to choose from. Find the one that matches your special someone's personality and let them be wowed by your thoughtfulness. Look around, then tell me what you like.

Because I'm a masculine necklace, I'm often gifted to dads by their daughters or wives. Sometimes it's a friendship thing. Sometimes it's romantic. Whatever the...
Oh hello, were you on the hunt for a timeless dog tag necklace that'll help you declare your love for the one who lives in...
Batman wouldn't be himself without his sidekick and that's why I come with my own partner in crime. We're a pretty sweet deal. Just like...