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Circles of Life Necklaces

Ahh, the circle of life. It's full of wonder, joy and love. Sometimes it gets a little bumpy and the waves can seem to crash over us. But life always comes round again. This selection of necklaces are perfect reminders of the light and shade of life. They'll serve as strength, courage, power and connection for your loved ones, or yourself when you most need it. Go on, have a look. See what speaks to you.

I bet you're looking for something special for someone special. Well, let me tell you a secret...I'm the perfect necklace charm to say, you're my...
You know, your kids are always going to be your little babies. No matter how big they get, they're always going to be the ones...
What do you get when you times love by three and hang it off a necklace? The Triple Love Necklace; that's me! If you want...