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Sparkling My Family Tree Necklace

Sparkling My Family Tree Necklace


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Does your loved one love sparkles? Are they elegant? Well, I agree with you. They deserve a timeless piece of jewellery. And guess what...that's me. I'm a Sparkling Family Tree necklace. I'm perfect for mothers, aunts, grandmothers, best friends and even for you. (It's okay, I know you were contemplating getting one of me for your loved one and one for you). The more the merrier I say. And that's what a family is: a happy bunch of people making memories together. That's what my family tree represents and once you personalise me with their names, who knows, I could become your family heirloom!



Thickness: 1.5mm

Width: 36mm

Height: 36mm


Luxury Display Wallet
belle fever luxury wallet

Did you know that a gift isn't really a gift unless you wrap it? Wrapping matters. You've invested your time to choose the perfect piece of jewellery for your friend, family or loved one so we have included a luxurious royal purple display wallet to gift your special jewellery.

Gift Boxes
belle fever gift box

Everyone loves a little box. No matter if they're a man, woman or child. Young or wise. Every single person loves a little box—especially when it contains luxury jewellery. So here's where I come in. You pick your favourite piece of jewellery to gift and add me to your cart. Your gift and my luxury packaging makes the surprise so much sweeter!

Customer Reviews

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Family Tree

I love it, such a beautiful necklace. I wear it all the time.

Family Tree

What a stunning necklace! Beautiful. Loved talking to the support staff as well when needing to check where order was! Thank you for such a lovely piece of jewellery and the excellent customer service ❤️


Easy to deal with, even if you need a last minute change they will help you out as much as they can!
My mother is going to love it!
Thanks again Belle Fever!

Lovely !

I gifted a dear friend one of your personalized necklace and she loved it very much. The delivery took about a fortnight but I had planned it well in advance.
Surely will now be placing an order for my very own customized jewelry. Thank you team Bellefever !

my daughter absolutely loved it,

my daughter absolutely loved it, l had bought mine off here about 3 yrs ago, and am very impressed that the quality has stayed great cos l always wear it, thank you B