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Gifts for Best Friends

So you're lucky enough to have a BFF...You know, a Best Friend Forever. Well, you've clicked into the right Belle jewellery room. Here you'll find an assortment of stunning, fun and timeless pieces to mark a special occasion with your best friend. From bracelets, to necklaces; pendants and more. You can personalise your gift with a funny or inspiring message, her name or a date you both reminisce over. C'mon. Let's get shopping.

Oh, hey there. Did you know that I was inspired by Jessica Alba's mummy necklace? That's how I got my name: The Jess Name Bar...
As the Personalised Cross Birthstone Bracelet, I was created as a source of inspiration, strength and courage. You can inscribe your name and wear me proudly....
When there is trust, it becomes an invisible thread that binds people at the heart. I was designed to symbolise the circle of trust. I...